TETRAMAX poster session at HiPEAC2020

March 5, 2019

NplusT took part in the TETRAMAX poster session held at the 2020 edition of HiPEAC, the main European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems, attracting over 500 delegates each year.

The poster session showcased the projects funded in the framework of the European “Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE)” initiative, in the domain of customized low energy computing (CLEC) for CPS and the IoT, including the “HS-CHAR: High Speed Characterization of Mass Storage Devices” technology transfer project carried out by NplusT and PCB Design and devilered in December 2019.

The results of the “HSCHAR” project contributed to upgrade NplusT’s technology for NAND characterization, paving the way for the forthcoming release of NanoCycler High Speed, the best-in-class and most cost effective solution for the exploration of the NAND memories.

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