Other Products and Services

The engineering team applies its domain-specific and technology knowledge to provide high added-value services to its customers, in many case in connection to the utilization of NplusT products. The list includes:

  • Characterization and reliability testing of optoelectronic components
  • Customized measurement and data collection equipment
  • High-voltage device reliability testing (HTRB, OLT, characterization)
  • Text fixtures (socket boards, probe cards, reliability boards)
  • Test programs
  • Software for controlling and real-time monitoring of test cells and reliability test areas
  • Software to increase the productivity of test program development

NplusT provides legacy support and application development for the RIFLE test system, out of production today. RIFLE is result of a co-development with Active Technologies. Active Technologies’s latest instruments can be natively integrated in the TESTMESH product family.

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