December 12, 2017

The year 2017 MOCCA (MOst Creative Customer Award) went to the MICROSEMI team for their cooperation in the development of the GARDA test solution.

GARDA has been created for understanding functionalities, performances and reliability of next generation memory devices targeting mass storage applications. For achieving the required 1.6GT/s transfer rate between the memory tester and the device under test, a dedicated hardware solution has been developed. The software architecture and environment have been transferred from the RIFLE platform, extending it with dedicated FPGA front end code.

“I prefer to work with teams like Microsemi” – Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT says. “This team is very demanding, they know what they want to obtain and they are willing to cooperate in the identification and implementation of the optimal technical solutions. The 14-week delivery time would have been impossible without such a cooperation”.

“The Storage industry is continuously looking for new non-volatile memory technologies and being able to technically vet each of the new options is key for deciding where to invest the R&D dollars. NplusT offers a unique combination of hardware and software capabilities for memory testing. The collaboration between the 2 teams has been amazing and it is worth highlighting that the platform Garda was delivered on time meeting all the required technical specifications”, said Rino Micheloni, Technical Fellow in the Performance Storage business unit and Managing Director of Microsemi Storage Solutions Italy. “We are looking forward to expanding this collaboration in the near future even further”.

MOCCA 2017 NplusT Microsemi

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