Mocca 2015 – TowerJazz

December 2, 2015

The MOCCA (MOst Creative Customer Award) 2015 has been assigned to the NVM R&D team of TowerJazz, Israel. Every year NplusT assigns MOCCA to the customer team which applies NplusT tools in the most innovative and productive way.

The team, led by Mr. Micha Gutman NVM R&D Mgr. and composed of Mr. Vladislav Dayan Expert Design Eng., Mr. Tamir Eshkoli Senior Staff Rel Eng., Mr. Dmitry Lechinsky Test Eng., Mr. Daniel Nahmad Staff Device Eng. and Mr. Eran Yeroslavich Test Eng., replaced a traditional ATE with RIFLE and BarnieMAT in the design validation and characterization of new non-volatile memory technologies.

I was impressed how fast the TowerJazz team started to work efficiently with our tools and, which is most important, to obtain the expected results. We highlight the ‘time-to-result’ as one of the most important added value of our toolset and this project is a perfect demonstration of it.
Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT

Our decision of using RIFLE and BarnieMAT in our design validation process outperformed the expectations. I was surprised by the progress of validation of every single device function, as the result of a strict collaboration of NplusT and our team. The easy and flexible programming, together with a good visibility on the device status creates an important step forward in our workflow.
Mr. Micha Gutman, NVM R&D Mgr. TowerJazz, Israel

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