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Tamas Kerekes

  • President & CEO

Tamas oversees the efforts of Company operation as well as the sales and marketing activities.
Tamas has a strong technical background. He took the degree in Electrical Engineering in 1982 at the Technical University of Budapest. He held several engineering and management positions in Hungary and, once the political system allowed, started his own company there.
Moved to Italy in 1988, Tamas had software, R&D and marketing management positions in the semiconductor industry, until starting NplusT in 2002.
Activities include the presentation and co-authoring of 20+ papers at conferences all over the world, as well as consultancy and business coaching in the frame of EU programs such as Horizon and Eureka.

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Nicoletta Maria Casini

  • Operation Manager

Nicoletta is co-founder of NplusT. She is coordinating the finance, purchasing, communication, human resources and quality system.
Nicoletta took her degree in Modern Literature. Before starting NplusT, she was responsible for the communication of a company in the semiconductor industry from 2000.
She also had several SME association representative roles at regional and national level.

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Nicola Campanelli

  • Engineering Manager

Nicola joined NplusT in the very early stage. He became partner and responsible for the engineering.
Nicola took his degree in Electrical Engineering and worked as application engineer in the semiconductor industry from 2000.
Beyond the technical skills which cover firmware and software development, Nicola has strong experience in leading and motivating teams from different nationalities.

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Alessandro Feriani

  • Test Application Manager

Alessandro is responsible for the development of test applications and for the customer support.
He joined NplusT in 2005, after having taken his degree in Electrical Engineering and working for a leading semiconductor company for several years.