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Oct 2018

Overview of the best memory bitmap analysis software tool.
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NVM Programmability Analysis using BarnieMAT

Jan 2019

A case study what information BarnieMAT can extract from characterization data, related to a programming algorithm.
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NanoCycler - NAND Characterization

Oct 2019

This video provides a short overview about features and capabilities of NanoCycler, equipment developed especially for NAND characterization, essential to build high performance reliable SSDs and mass storage devices.
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NAND Characterization Webinar

Nov 2019

Device manufacturers who rely on NAND, such as SSDs, memory modules, storage electronics, cannot forgo efficient NAND characterization. This webinar provides an insight on how understanding the NAND is central to the memory manufacturing process, and on how to efficiently tackle and solve reliability and performance issues using NplusT's NanoCycler.
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Solving NAND-related SSD Problems

Jan 2021

SSD developers spend significant effort behind lower-than-planned QoS and unexpected crashes. Many of these issues are due to incorrect hardware and firmware management of the NAND devices, not facing correctly the challenges of the latest NAND technologies and interface speeds. NAND characterization, executed correctly, reduces the reworks during SSD prototyping and ensures reliable, high-performance products. NplusT’s NanoCycler offers a one-stop solution to collect and analyze all NAND related information.
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NAND Characterization for ONFI5 and Beyond

Dec 2021

Live recording of NplusT's presentation during the “Finding the way of solving reliability issues of the next generation NAND flash memories” workshop, organized by CCF YOCSEF Shanghai (China Computer Federation, Young Computer Scientists Engineers Forum), held December 18, 2021.
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Why Is Your SSD Not Working? Webinar

Mar 2022

Live recording of NplusT's “Why is Your SSD Not Working” webinar, held March 19, 2022..
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