Millions of Cycles in a Flash

May 2023

High endurance is often the primary target when developing a new non-volatile memory technology. The validation within reasonable time might be challenging. The approach presented here – based on NplusT’s TESTMESH – offers an efficient solution without increasing the complexity of the silicon design.

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Extending NAND Characterization into Storage Systems Space

Apr 2023

NanoCycler is extending the NAND characterization into the storage system space to provide customers with critical information to develop better products optimized to application requirements.
NAND memory is part of a bigger ecosystem that must be taken into account by the NAND characterization procedures.

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Understanding NAND Data Errors Over Lifetime

Mar 2023

Understanding NAND error characteristics over lifetime and workloads are imperative in today’s high-performance and high data reliability solid-state storage systems environment.
NanoCycler provides a comprehensive solution to characterize flash endurance, retention, and disturbances for up to the latest 200+ layers ONFi5 3D NAND.

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NanoCycler HS24 answers the challenge of the high-speed NAND characterization

Nov 2022

When communicating with ONFi5 NAND devices at 2.4 GT/sec, interface bit errors might occur. NanoCycler HS24 ensures to keep the bit errors below the threshold in order not to impact the characterization of the NAND array. Read how.

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High Volume NAND Characterization from Engineering to Qualification and Production Support

Jun 2022

Whenever you are evaluating a new memory technology for your upcoming solid-state storage product, or you are getting ready to qualify a new product to ramp up production with quality, reliability, and yield targets, you need an efficient and productive system that can deliver deep, detailed information about the NAND through every stage.
NanoCycler’s features and scalability help users tailor the equipment configuration based on their current requirement and easily extend the system as the capacity need grows. Find out how.

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Understanding Your Memory Test Data

Mar 2022

Whenever you are evaluating your new memory technology or you are bringing up your new product towards the target production yield, you need efficient software which helps you in understanding your test data.
BarnieMAT has been created for just this purpose.

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How NanoCycler can help making a perfect SSD from imperfect NANDs

Mar 2022

How NanoCycler can help making a perfect SSD from imperfect NANDs

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Parallel (multi-channel, multi-die, multi-LUN) Testing using NanoCycler

Jan 2022

Current and upcoming generations of 3D NAND devices push the IO speed at/beyond 1.6 GT/sec, delivering unprecedented performant to meet the demands of SSDs for storage systems, data centers and real-time applications at the edge.
In order to get reliable and representative data for the actual application, NAND characterization has to run at full speed with high accuracy on a large enough number of samples.
The latest generation of NanoCycler has been engineered to answer these new challenges: it enables full-speed ONFi5 tests with unconstrained parallelism inside each device and across hundreds of devices.

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