RIFLE Engineering Test System

Fast time-to-result and best cost of ownership for memory and microcontroller characterization
(in cooperation with Active Technologies)

RIFLE-SE: Extreme Analog Performance


RIFLE-M: One Tester Per Engineer


RIFLE-MC: Cycling with ATE Features

  • Optimized for NVM Testing
    • 100MHz arbitrary waveform generators
    • 70Msample/sec accurate cell current measurement
    • Full synchronization between digital sequencer, waveform generators and PMU
  • Protocol-Based Approach
    • Programmable communication protocol
    • Increased visibility through algorithmic device management
  • Software Environment for Engineering Usage
    • True interactive testing
    • Easy-to-use IDE for test creation and debug
    • Natively integrated on-the-fly data analysis
  • Desktop installation
    • Small footprint
    • No need of lab facility
    • Package and wafer testing
    • Per device temperature control


BarnieMAT Bitmap Analysis Software

 analysis you've never even dreamed of before 

Fast Learning of Array Effects

  • Hundreds of ready-to-use array processing functions
    • Speed optimized processing engine for large arrays
    • Cell classification using an innovative filtering concept
    • Shape recognition
  • Best-in-class presentation tools
    • Analog bitmap viewer
    • Interactive processing and cell highlight
    • 2D and 3D distribution view and statistics
  • Wide range of applications
    • Technology and product development
    • Engineering analysis of production data
    • Input generation for machine learning

See multimedia presentation


NanoCycler NVM Performance and Reliability Analyzer

Understand to Optimize Your Solid State Storage

  • Straightforward management
    • Easy test setup supported by a large set of built-in experiments
    • Integrated data collection
    • Desktop installation
  • Large number of indipendent experiments in paraller
    • Per package thermal control
    • Indipendent test per package
    • Available in 1, 6, 12, 24 and 48 package configurations
  • ONFI compatible
    • BGA-152 and BGA-132 packages
    • Dual channel multi-die testing
    • Up to 400 MT/sec

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