NanoCycler NAND Performance and Reliability Analyzer

Understand to Optimize Your Solid State Storage

  • Straightforward management
    • Easy test setup supported by a large set of built-in experiments
    • Integrated data collection
    • Desktop installation
  • Large number of independent experiments in parallel
    • Per-package thermal control
    • Independent test per package
    • Available in 6, 12, 24 and 48 package configurations
  • ONFI compatible
    • BGA-152 and BGA-132 packages (extendible for other packages)
    • Dual channel multi-die testing
    • Up to 400 MT/sec (600 MT/sec in development)
Timing Analyzer

Timing Analyzer

  • Characterization up to 1.6 GT/sec
  • Programmable signal timing

Characterization Services

Fully Integrated SSD-NAND Characterization Flow

  • Understand the NAND
    • Endurance, retention, degradation characteristics
    • Read, write, program times and distributions
    • Suspend and BER impact
  • Understand LDPC ECC
    • Hard decode using soft values
    • Choice of LLR and impact on performance
    • Frequency of use of soft LDPC
  • Set clear SSD Requirement
    • Endurance
    • Retention tradeoffs
    • Performance, latency, QoS, power targets
    • Usage models