NplusT's IT Safety Improvements

Apr 2021

In response to the ever increasing number of cyber-attacks and in order to ensure the same level of safety in all working locations (main office, lab and home offices), in March 2021 NplusT has completed a series of improvements aimed at further raising the company’s IT safety standards.
The improvements include Cloud Managed Security & Total Security, featuring the latest technologies, as well as Company’s internal guidelines, updated in the management of virtual and physical development machines.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding NplusT’s IT safety policy.

Progetto realizzato con il contributo europeo Regione Umbria POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse III Azione 3.7.1. – Avviso Bridge to Digital 2020.
Project implemented with funds from the European Union and Umbria region under the POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis III Action 3.7.1. – Bridge to Digital 2020 Public Notice.

POR FESR Umbria Bridge to Digital

MOCCA 2020

Mar 2021

Every year, NplusT assigns the MOCCA (MOst Creative Customer Award) to those users, whose innovative applications and solutions enhance the utilization and performance of NplusT products. The year 2020 MOCCA has been assigned to Niccolò Castellani, R&D Engineer at CEA-LETI, Grenoble, for developing a software platform for the automation of non-volatile memory test flow execution on NplusT’s test equipment.

Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT:
"I am really happy to see the way how Niccolò and the LETI team approached their specific requirements. The software framework, which Niccolò has created on top of the execution environment of the tester, enables the easy development of characterization programs for a wide range of novel, emerging non-volatile memory technologies. We plan to continue supporting LETI, providing innovative test platforms which enable fast and accurate measurements, contributing to develop high-performance, low-power, reliable storage devices."

Niccolo Castellani, R&D engineer at CEA-Leti:
"I started this project a couple of years ago, having already experienced test developing and data analysis for research and industrial requirements. I’ve been always convinced about the real need of versatility for the R&D of merging memories testing. Only NplusT was able to provide the right tools and the right support team to accomplish my objective: a hardware to user interface getting plug-and-play new designs and new algorithms in its environment. I’m willing to continue this great collaboration."

MOCCA 2020

ONE STOP Solution for NAND Characterization

Nov 2020

The speed and complexity of the latest TLC and QLC flash technologies set new challenges in designing large capacity high performance SSD devices, from the hardware (signal integrity, power management) and the firmware (flash algorithms, error correction) point of view. Massive amounts of accurate data must be collected and analyzed to characterize the flash endurance, errors, defects, operation’s timing and power.
NanoCycler HS, bundled with BarnieMAT data analytics, provides the best-in-class and most cost effective solution for the exploration of the NAND memories.

NanoCycler HS:

Supports endurance and functional testing of NAND devices by providing C++ and Python API with full ONFI command set and with customizable signal sequences.

NanoCycler HS
NanoCycler HS

Exercises and stresses at-speed - up to 1.6 GT/sec – the devices under test faithfully replicating the use conditions of the application.

Provides high-accuracy - 10 mV precision - programmable power supplies for accurate voltage margins analysis.

NanoCycler HS
NanoCycler HS

Captures the power consumption for each supply at 50 nsec sampling rate with 1 mA resolution. Flash operations power consumption data are processed in real time to provide high resolution current consumption traces, and key metrics (peak, average, distributions) over long period of time.

Characterizes the flash interface timing with 1 nsec I/O edge placement and 20 nsec flash response time acquisition.

NanoCycler HS
NanoCycler HS

Has a scalable and expandable architecture, from 1 to 48 test sites, to optimize cost and long term investment.

Allows full independence of the test sites where each device under test can run at individual temperature, timing, voltage levels, with different test programs.

NanoCycler HS
NanoCycler HS

Integrates the data analysis environment to post-process and present the results to accelerate time to product.

Highest quality characterization results at the lowest cost and effort – NanoCycler HS represents a future-safe investment to design high-performance reliable mass storage devices.

Characterizing Image Sensors based on NVM Testing Techniques

Oct 2020

Building on their successful memory testing technology, NplusT has extended this expertise to the design, validation and characterization of image sensor devices.

The array-organized analog cell structure of the image sensor is similar to non-volatile memory and lends itself to the reuse of the core NplusT memory testing technology that has been production-proven for decades.

Image Sensors
Physical View of Cell Currents
Image Sensors
Distribution of currents after post-processing

Specific needs of data analysis to support image sensors has resulted in additional innovation with the extension of BarnieMAT, NplusT’s popular array data analysis tool, adding an additional library containing processing functions dedicated to image sensors.

BarnieMAT v7.1 Released

Sep 2020

NplusT announces version 7 of the BarnieMAT array analysis software, building on the success of the previous versions and including the following major extensions:

  • A new data management engine supports the analysis of production-level datasets, typically in the 100 GB domain
  • A new library for processing image sensor measurement data.

BarnieMAT has been widely recognized for its intuitive user interface and insightful analysis & presentation of array data for product development and device characterization. Version 7 also includes:

  • Enhanced integration with external Python-based data analysis environment
  • Multi-thread processing support
  • Optimized disk space usage by automated compression/decompression of the data objects
  • New format to efficiently store shape-based bitmaps
  • Extended statistical information generation of 2D and 3D distributions
  • Additional and enhanced data processing library functions
  • Usability and performance improvements.

NplusT is granted INNOWWIDE funding for ITEMS project

Aug 2020

NplusT has been granted funding from the European Commission in the framework of INNOWWIDE call-2 for the "Innovative Test Equipment for Mass Storage Devices" project, in short "ITEMS", ranking 26th among 70 grantees and over 600 candidates.
INNOWWIDE, a Viability assessment of collaborative and INNOvative business solutions in WorldWIDE markets, is a Horizon 2020 project that will fund European innovative SMEs and start-ups to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in markets outside of Europe.

The aim of the project is the technical and market validation of a product concept. This product – ITEMS – is a high performance test equipment based on an innovative architecture which allows to provide world class performance at affordable costs. The core technology has been already developed and applied in other products of NplusT and the related patent is pending.
ITEMS will help electronics manufacturers to build products matching the requirements of rocketing storage needs, increasing calculus and processing power in applications like machine learning, artificial intelligence, autonomous drive. The primary target market is China but the product offering will be extended to Taiwan, Korea and other developing countries in the South-East Asia region.


NplusT operations continue amid COVID-19 emergency

Mar 2020

NplusT has implemented all the measures provided for in the Italian legislation in force and all the measures promoted internally regarding the COVID-19 emergency.
All the company's activities are guaranteed consistently with our business continuity plan and in full compliance with the measures adopted in order to ensure the prevention and the safety of the personnel.

For all your needs, you can rely on our Customer Care which can be reached via e-mail at

#stayhome #andratuttobene

NplusT smart working

TETRAMAX poster session at HiPEAC2020

Mar 2020

NplusT took part in the TETRAMAX poster session held at the 2020 edition of HiPEAC, the main European forum for experts in computer architecture, programming models, compilers and operating systems for embedded and general-purpose systems, attracting over 500 delegates each year.

The poster session showcased the projects funded in the framework of the European "Smart Anything Everywhere (SAE)" initiative, in the domain of customized low energy computing (CLEC) for CPS and the IoT, including the "HS-CHAR: High Speed Characterization of Mass Storage Devices" technology transfer project carried out by NplusT and PCB Design and devilered in December 2019.

The results of the "HSCHAR" project contributed to upgrade NplusT's technology for NAND characterization, paving the way for the forthcoming release of NanoCycler High Speed, the best-in-class and most cost effective solution for the exploration of the NAND memories.

HiPEAC 2020
HiPEAC poster session

MOCCA 2019

Feb 2020

The MOCCA 2019 (MOst Creative Customer Award) was assigned to Nellina Mautone, appreciating her activities in flash data analysis using BarnieMAT.

Tamás Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT:
“We are really appreciating the cooperation with Nellina and with the entire Infineon team.
The developed toolset, based on our BarnieMAT technology, is an excellent example of efficient management of large quantities of data aimed at extracting and presenting information in a way that is intelligible to the human brain, in order to reach faster and safer decisions. Infineon is also an important partner in the definition of the product roadmap, asking for new features according to the changing needs of the user community.”

Nellina Mautone, Staff Engineer of Infineon Technologies:
“When we started our project around a year ago, one of our main challenges was the application of BarnieMAT, until then used for technology analysis, in a different environment for processing manufacturing data. Our team, which involves several students and benefits from the expertise of Mr. Rudolf Ullmann (Lead Principal Engineer of Infineon Technologies Munich), needed and continues to need more features and better performance.
The integration with an external Python-based data processing environment is an answer to ever-challenging demands, and proved to be an enabler of our work. We see BarnieMAT as a well-structured and well-supported tool, matching our requirements and ensuring the maturity which allows us to focus on our analysis tasks.”

MOCCA 2019

NAND Characterization Webinar

Nov 2019

The webinar "NAND Characterization: Why and How" is now available in the website's Demo section.
The video provides a thorough insight on how understanding the NAND is central to the memory manufacturing process, and how NanoCycler can help manufacturers tackle and solve reliability and performance issues. The webinar is available at this link.


Nov 2019

NplusT is participating in the 2nd open call for Value Chain Oriented and Interdisciplinary Technology Transfer Experiments in the framework of TETRAMAX, the #1 innovation hub for digitizing European industries in the domain of customized and low-energy computing (CLEC).

Tamas Kerekes presented the technology transfer project "HS-CHAR: High Speed Characterization of Mass Storage Devices", which is being developed together with PCB Design, during the annual TETRAMAX Partners Meeting, held in Aachen on September 26.

TETRAMAX is proving to be a very efficient vehicle to promote small size projects, as Tamas said:

"Let me share you about my experience and consideration about the TETRAMAX projects and in particular about the call related to the bilateral technology transfer.

My company is a small SME working in the semiconductor/electronics industry. We spend more than half of our engineering resources on R&D. Even so, we cannot develop all technology we need by ourselves and we need to access technology of others. Contributions of national and EU funding are extremely useful to support our business growth. There are many calls and opportunities. On the other hand, we don’t have all resources to monitor and select the calls, even less to write many applications (a typical Sunday night task). So we need to focus on the opportunities where either: 1) the success rate is very good and the funded amount is high or: 2) the preparation of the application requires a reasonable amount of work. In both cases, the fast turnaround time (from application to final reporting and cashing) has to be short.

From this point of view, I consider TETRAMAX our best experience:

  • We have been advised about the opportunity by a TETRAMAX partner, without the need to monitor and study.

  • The preparation of the application is easy - of course once we have the content. We need to provide only the important data in a condensed way. I think this is a winning approach from the evaluation side as well.

  • The contracting procedure is easy again.

I warmly suggest TETRAMAX to other SMEs and I hope it will be a long success story!"


NplusT at SEDEX 2019 – Seoul, South Korea

Nov 2019

NplusT and JWILL have taken part to the 2019 edition of SEDEX, in Seoul. The show is one of the biggest events for the semiconductor industry worldwide, covering the fullspectrum of the memory supply chain and showcasing the latest advancements to more than 13000 visitors over three days.

"SEDEX has been a great opportunity to introduce our NAND characterization and memory test solutions to South Korea's industry professionals" states Tamás Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT. "The country is one of the main global innovation hubs and a strategic market for our products. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with JWILL and provide our technology to Korea's key industry players and research centers."


New Sales Partner in the US

Oct 2019


“The global network of NplusT has been recently expanded by signing a cooperation agreement with APMD Solutions. Our goal is to boost sales and customer support in the US market. The fast growing need for storage devices, driven by industrial, automotive and AI applications, offer an exceptional opportunity for our NAND characterization and testing technology” declares NplusT’s President and CEO Tamas Kerekes.

“APMD Solutions’ huge domain-specific experience is the right basis to increase our presence in America. We look forward to cooperating with APMD to bring additional support for our US Customers”.

NplusT at FMS 2019

Sep 2019

NplusT has taken part in the 2019 edition of Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, California, the leading event for non-volatile memory and storage.

NplusT introduced the new version of NanoCycler which supports NAND characterization at 800 MT/sec and presented additional products and services helping SSD and other storage device makers obtain fast time-to-market.

Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT, also tackled the reasons why NAND characterization at high speed is essential to building efficient and reliable SSD devices during his speech "Characterizing NAND Devices at High Speed - Why and How?".

The presentation is available for download via this link.


Visit us at the Flash Memory Summit – Santa Clara (CA)

Aug 2019

NAND characterization is essential to understand features and behaviors of the latest components. It enables you to fine-tune the device management algorithms and the error correction strategy, to obtain the target performance and reliability of your SSD or other storage system.

Our NanoCycler - especially developed for NAND characterization, embedding dozens of years of experience and supported by a team of experts - provides a cost-effective, easy-to-use, flexible environment, matching the characterization requirements of the latest generation of NAND devices (3D, QLC, 1.2GT/sec) and it is extendible for other emerging technologies like X3D, MRAM, …

Come to visit us at Booth # 801

Schedule a meeting and demo with us.

FMS Floor Plan

800 MT/sec NanoCycler Available

Jul 2019

The new version of NanoCycler, beyond pushing up the highest transfer speed to 800 MT/sec, provides additional features like Vpp management and thermal protection. First units are shipped from July 2019. The new tester unit is fully software compatible with the previous release.


MOCCA 2018

Jun 2019

The MOCCA 2018 (“MOst Creative Customer Award”) has been assigned to the GAMAX team, appreciating more than ten years of intense cooperation in the software development arena. GAMAX provides a continuous support – based on outstanding knowledge and on innovative technology – and many of NplusT products embed GAMAX code. From 2018, GAMAX is also using NplusT array data analysis software tools which, integrated with MATLAB, opens the gate to new applications on regular structures.

Tamás Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT:“GAMAX is the ideal partner in co-development of our software. Their quality and reaction time when support is needed is excellent. I am particularly pleased about GAMAX innovative attitude and the way they introduce new technologies without raising the risk factor. Last year we worked with GAMAX also in the opposite way, transferring our array data analysis technology to them and I can say this was the fastest and most efficient introduction of the toolset since we market it.”

Géza Homonnay, Managing Director of GAMAX: “We are proud to receive this MOCCA award from one of our most important partners, showing our ability to fulfill interesting challenges. We have been active in software development and other software related activities during the last 30 years. Having received similar acknowledgement from Microsoft for software localization, from Oracle for software consulting and from MathWorks for software distribution, we will be strengthening our efforts to serve our valued partners the best possible way.”

Business Development Agreement with JWILL Technology, Korea

May 2019

NplusT signed a business development agreement with JWILL Technology. JWILL is going to distribute NplusT products and services in Korea. This collaboration is meant to help NplusT to extend its market and supply leading edge memory test and characterization solutions to Korean memory and storage device maker companies.


Getting Meaningful Data from NAND Characterization

Mar 2019

The article “Getting Meaningful Data from NAND Characterization”, written by Tamás Kerekes and published in the online newsletter SSDFans in China, provides useful hints regarding the correct implementation and execution of NAND characterization. Download the English translation here.

BarnieMAT - MATLAB Integration

Sep 2018

NplusT and GAMAX Laboratory Solutions started a cooperation to develop new data analysis possibilities by combining the dedicated array processing features of BarnieMAT with the general high volume data analysis possibilities of MATLAB. As the first step, a training was given to the GAMAX engineering team.

The training focused on the advanced utilization of the BarnieMAT software and on the array data generation using a NanoCycler tester.

Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT and Tibor Turkevi-Nagy, Managing Director of GAMAX Laboratory Solutions, expect a market-ready product for the second quarter of 2019 which will be marketed by both parties for the specific application areas.


Visit us at the Flash Memory Summit !

Aug 2018 FMS

The 2018 Flash Memory Summit is approaching quickly: NplusT will be there demonstrating the latest hardware and software solutions to fast track your memory technology. Our engineering test platforms and our data analysis software tools – developed especially for the NVM world and embedding the knowledge and experience of a long learning path – helped our customers to successfully bring up and consolidate emerging technologies very fast. We support our partners in the technology and product development as well as in the high volume production ramp up and monitoring. We have been busy over the last decade and we have expanded to become a worldwide vendor for companies – such as IDMs, foundries, technology providers, research institutes in Europe, in America and in Asia - which successfully applied the RIFLE tester and/or the BarnieMAT array analysis software.

Visit us at Booth 809 to try the tools we can provide to give you additional insight into your memory technology !
We would be pleased to show you our offerings:

  • RIFLE engineering test system with a test-array application
  • BarnieMAT with examples coming from real-life
  • NanoCycler, the latest test system targeting NAND reliability and performance analysis
FMS Floor Plan

GDPR at NplusT

May 2018

The European General Data Protection Regulations ("GDPR") will come into force on May 25th, 2018. This new regulation governs the privacy protection of individuals and replaces the 1995 Data Protection Directive. Dear valued Partners, this month we’re updating our Privacy Policy to make it easier for you to understand what information we collect and why we collect it. We’ve also taken steps to improve our Privacy Check-up and other controls we provide to safeguard your data and protect your privacy. Nothing is changing about your current settings or how your information is processed. Rather, we’re improving the way we describe our practices and how we explain the options you have to update, manage, export, and delete your data.

BarnieMAT v5.2

April 2018

The recently released 5.2 version of BarnieMAT provides significant improvements as:

  • Floating license management
  • Renewed installation infrastructure
  • Python programmability

NplusT continues to invest in the toolset providing periodic enhancements for an always larger customer base.

March 2018

interventi di cui al POR FESR 2014-2020 Asse I - Azione 1.1.1. “Sostegno ai progetti di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale” - Titolo Progetto «NPTE (New Parallel Test Equipment: nuova piattaforma di testing applicata dalle industrie di semiconduttori nella fase di sviluppo di nuove tecnologie e di nuovi dispositivi a semiconduttore»

Il progetto di ricerca e sviluppo sperimentale consiste nella realizzazione di un prototipo funzionante di piattaforma di testing concepita per l’industria semiconduttori. NPTE trova applicazione nella fase di sviluppo di nuove tecnologie e nuovi dispositivi a semiconduttore, in particolare per le memorie integrate in ‘System-on-Chip’.

MOCCA 2017

December 2017

The year 2017 MOCCA (MOst Creative Customer Award) went to the MICROSEMI team for their cooperation in the development of the GARDA test solution.

GARDA has been created for understanding functionalities, performances and reliability of next generation memory devices targeting mass storage applications. For achieving the required 1.6GT/s transfer rate between the memory tester and the device under test, a dedicated hardware solution has been developed. The software architecture and environment have been transferred from the RIFLE platform, extending it with dedicated FPGA front end code.

“I prefer to work with teams like Microsemi” - Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT says. “This team is very demanding, they know what they want to obtain and they are willing to cooperate in the identification and implementation of the optimal technical solutions. The 14-week delivery time would have been impossible without such a cooperation”.

“The Storage industry is continuously looking for new non-volatile memory technologies and being able to technically vet each of the new options is key for deciding where to invest the R&D dollars. NplusT offers a unique combination of hardware and software capabilities for memory testing. The collaboration between the 2 teams has been amazing and it is worth highlighting that the platform Garda was delivered on time meeting all the required technical specifications”, said Rino Micheloni, Technical Fellow in the Performance Storage business unit and Managing Director of Microsemi Storage Solutions Italy. “We are looking forward to expanding this collaboration in the near future even further”.

MOCCA 2017

BarnieMAT 5 Beta Released

October 2017

The version 5 of BarnieMAT has been released for beta testing. Beyond a bunch of functional and usability upgrades, the v5 allows the scripting in Python language. If you want to be part of the beta testing group, please contact Tamas Kerekes

High Speed Extension of the RIFLE Test System

September 2017

The NplusT engineering team, in cooperation with FPGArt, implemented and tested with success a new technology, pushing up the communication speed between the tester and the device under test. The experimental solution, applied for a next generation NVM device, reaches 1.6GT/sec data transfer rate. Mastering this new technology, the application range of the RIFLE test system extends and covers the latest mass storage components, stil maintaining the cost advantage and faster time-to-result related to competitive solutions.

RIFLE-M Based Cycler Equipment on the Market

June 2017

NplusT released a new non-volatile memory cycler equipment, powered by the well-established RIFLE-M core. An add-on module extends the tester resources for the parallel management of multiple devices. Specific micro-chambers are installed to individual thermal control of the devices under test. With this new product, cycling operations can be performed maintaining features and performance of RIFLE-M, without the compromises due to large size cycling boards. Benchmarking data evidences that the cycling times are drastically reduced related to the commonly used architectures (device and equipment dependent).

Mini Cycler

NplusT Interview

December 2016

NplusT Team has been recently interviewed by the regional TV troupe!
Enjoy the broadcasted clip.

2016 MOst Creative Customer Award

December 2016

The yearly MOCCA (MOst Creative Customer Award), recognising the user with the highest contribution in the application of NplusT tools, was assigned to the STMicroelectronics Team lead by Luisa Fracassini and composed of Domenico Ausilio, Andrea Boroni, Emanuele Capitanio and Sergio Pozzi from QMS, CSR & Central Labs department.

As a result of development and evolution of the software tool SIREN, built on NplusT LabVisor technology, hundreds of equipment and instrumentation installed in several Qualification and Validation laboratories are being taken under control. SIREN today serves a large community of users in their daily tasks such as monitoring, booking, maintenance and utilization statistics.

Mocca 2016

Since we started the project, I was always impressed by the strong focus of the team to create a tool which is really useable and used. Continuous new ideas of improvement and extension - together with active cooperation in the development - helped to obtain the status that today SIREN is one of the software tools created by NplusT which is the most extensively used.

Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT

SIREN has been conceived since the beginning as a growing tool with the ambitious purpose to arrive finally to manage with a single system multiple and heterogeneous Electrical Qualification and Validation laboratories. This long term vision target could be achievable only with a deep, side by side interaction and cooperation between various ST entities and NplusT, working on the development of one step in an optic of compatibility with the future ones.

Luisa Fracassini, QMS, CSR & Central Labs Manager, STMicroelectronics

BarnieMAT does everything we need except coffee!

September 2016

Commented a Test Engineer during a BarnieMAT training. We are willing to integrate customer needs into our tools so we are considering this new feature in the evolution roadmap.

Access Time Measurement with RIFLE-M

May 2016

The already rich set of functions of RIFLE-M has been extended by the possibility of measuring access times of memory arrays at high accuracy. This new function, implemented as a dedicated FPGA module, generates programmable signal skew with a 1 nsec resolution. The feature is supported by an application specific calibration software in order to compensate the overall system skew including test board. In the same time, shmoo functionality covers the access time as well. One of the key customers of RIFLE-M declared that the availability of this new function allows the execution of the entire design validation flow on RIFLE-M so other test platforms can be “switched off”.

BarnieMAT multimedia presentation

May 2016

BarnieMAT tested under Windows 10

March 2016

The version 4.3.1 of BarnieMAT has been tested under Windows 10, extending the compatible platforms of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

BarnieMAT Adopted by Sidense

February 2016

Sidense Corp., a leading developer of silicon-proven, embedded Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), has deployed our BarnieMAT software as their internal array data analysis platform. After the startup and training session in Ottawa, Brent Taylor, Sidense’s Director of Product and Test Engineering, said:

Our test team is eager to start using BarnieMAT as a way to accelerate the evaluation cycle time for our 1T-OTP memory. We look forward to an excellent return on our investment in this tool.

Mocca 2015

December 2015

The MOCCA (MOst Creative Customer Award) 2015 has been assigned to the NVM R&D team of TowerJazz, Israel. Every year NplusT assigns MOCCA to the customer team which applies NplusT tools in the most innovative and productive way. The team, led by Mr. Micha Gutman NVM R&D Mgr. and composed of Mr. Vladislav Dayan Expert Design Eng., Mr. Tamir Eshkoli Senior Staff Rel Eng., Mr. Dmitry Lechinsky Test Eng., Mr. Daniel Nahmad Staff Device Eng. and Mr. Eran Yeroslavich Test Eng., replaced a traditional ATE with RIFLE and BarnieMAT in the design validation and characterization of new non-volatile memory technologies.

I was impressed how fast the TowerJazz team started to work efficiently with our tools and, which is most important, to obtain the expected results. We highlight the ‘time-to-result’ as one of the most important added value of our toolset and this project is a perfect demonstration of it.

Tamas Kerekes, President and CEO of NplusT

Our decision of using RIFLE and BarnieMAT in our design validation process outperformed the expectations. I was surprised by the progress of validation of every single device function, as the result of a strict collaboration of NplusT and our team. The easy and flexible programming, together with a good visibility on the device status creates an important step forward in our workflow

Mr. Micha Gutman, NVM R&D Mgr. TowerJazz, Israel