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Users of NplusT products and services, located all over the world, obtain faster time-to-market and increased outgoing quality at lower engineering cost. NplusT’s solutions, optimized for the new product introduction process, support semiconductor technology and product engineers to rapidly reach their goals.


Tester Platform for Every NVM


Unique Bitmap Analysis Software


NVM Performance and Reliability Analyzer


Our goal is to achive customer satisfaction by a proactive approach involving the whole team to ensure quality in our processes and services


Access the protected NplusT OwnCloud area, where you can find the software products and related documentation.

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Access to the NplusT’s bug tracking system in case you need to report an issue.


In this section you can find the terms and conditions when purchasing or licensing NplusT products or services.

Condition of Sales

General terms and conditions of sales.

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Conditions of licensing NplusT software products.

We aim to see customers enjoy working with our tools. User experience is the heart of success of our fast, creative and efficient solutions for the semiconductor industry.

NplusT was founded by Tamás Kerekes in 2002, with the purpose of creating a flexible team supporting semiconductor makers. Started as a high value-added engineering service provider, the company applied its experience in the development of leading-edge test and data analysis product for NVM technology and product development.

  • NplusT is headquartered in the picturesque village of Montecastrilli, Italy.
  • NplusT has set up such an organization targeting fast and efficient support to customers all over the world.
  • NplusT has developed solid relationship with universities and research institutes to integrate latest research results in the products.

Knowledge and Technology

The R&D team of NplusT excels in:

  • Memory test and characterization
  • Microcontroller testability
  • Optoelectronics
  • Reliability testing and burn-in

Based on a deep knowledge of a wide range of development technologies:

  • Near-to-hardware software (FPGA, embedded software, windows drivers)
  • High speed high accuracy analog and digital hardware design
  • Test programs and memory cycling applications
  • Databases, statistical analysis, correlation
  • User experience (Windows and WEB applications)

Solid internal processes ensure the highest level of efficiency, quality and reliability. Special focus is on the maintenance of the millions of lines of codes, on data safety and on customer support.

Code of Ethics

The whole of our shared values is a value itself!

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